Woman Charged With Hiring Hitman To Kill Ex-Husband Sentenced: No Jail Time, Keeps Custody Of Daughter

The ex-wife of property tycoon Eric Stevens was charged with attempted-murder after allegedly hiring a hitman to kill her ex-husband after the pair battled over custody of their daughter and a $50 million fortune. However, despite pleading guilty to a charge of “inciting injury to persons,” Tiffany Stevens will walk away with just five years’ probation and custody of the couple’s daughter.

According to the Daily Mail, Tiffany Stevens, 39, was accused of hiring a hitman for $5,000 in April of 2012 to kill Eric Stevens after a bitter custody battle. According to Eric, the person who had custody of the daughter would also be in control of the child’s alleged $50 million trust fund. Therefore, Eric believed that Tiffany set out to have him murdered so that she could have custody of the couple’s daughter, along with the $50 million fund. However, Tiffany said that the allegations were untrue. The defendant’s father, Edward Khalily, even went so far to say the trust fund does not exist at all for the child.

The trust fund issues were just the tip of the iceberg in the case. During the proceedings, Eric claimed Tiffany had a drug problem and would disappear for periods of time. Therefore, Eric claimed Tiffany was not a good mother to the child, and that he should have custody. Tiffany wouldn’t let those allegations slide without her own attack on Eric. The ex-wife claimed the property tycoon had a gambling problem and serious debt with the mafia. She claims that he even bombed his own car for an insurance payout.

The case against Tiffany for attempted murder began after a man came forward claiming that Tiffany had given him $5,000 and an order to kill her ex-husband. However, instead of killing the man, the hit man went to his victim and informed him of his wife’s sinister plan. In turn, Eric told the police, and Tiffany was arrested on charges of attempted-murder. Despite the attempted-murder allegations against Tiffany, the couple’s daughter remained in her custody.


Eight months ago, the attempted-murder trial ended in a deadlocked jury, and a mistrial was declared. Therefore, instead of heading back to court, prosecutors accepted a plea deal from Tiffany, in which she pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of inciting injury to persons. As a result of the deal, Tiffany will not spend a day in jail and was, instead, handed a sentence of a 10-year suspended prison term and five years’ probation. In addition to the suspended jail term, Tiffany will also maintain custody of the couple’s daughter, despite the guilty plea.

What do you think of the strange attempted-murder case and Tiffany Steven’s suspended sentence for pleading guilty to inciting bodily harm on her ex-husband?

[Image Credit: Mugshot]