Ohio Man Shoots Neighbor For Cutting Grass At Night, Then Runs Over Her Body

Tara Dodrill

An Ohio man killed shot and killed his neighbor because she was cutting her lawn at night. James Blair, 50, is accused of shooting Linda Ciotto, 62, in the face at point blank range. Huron County Sheriff's Deputies say that Blair then pushed the lawnmower over Ciotto's body.

James Blair allegedly shot Linda Ciotto outside of her Willard, Ohio, home around 9 p.m. on Tuesday, reports KSHB. Police officers were called to the scene about two hours later. Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard called the lawn mower shooting scene "horrific," adding it was the most "bizarre" crime he had ever investigated.

— 41 Action News (@41ActionNews) August 2, 2015

The Ohio man accused of shooting and killing his neighbor because she was mowing at night was arrested after a 6-hour standoff with police on early Wednesday morning. James Blair was arrested at the home of his mother, where he currently resides.

Ohio SWAT teams threw canisters of tear gas inside the home to force the accused murderer outside. On Thursday, Blair's mother, 73, was arrested for allegedly misleading law enforcement investigators regarding the location of her son's gun. Huron County deputies ultimately found the gun inside a bag belonging to the woman.

James Blair was charged with murder and is currently being held on $1 million bond at Huron County Jail. The mother is being held in the same jail as her son, but has not yet officially been charged with a crime.

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[Image via: Twitter / Huron County Sheriff's Office]