WWE Rumors: Current ‘SummerSlam’ Betting Odds Have The Undertaker Favored Huge Over Brock Lesnar – Will The Biker Deadman Return And Win?

There are now exactly three weeks until WWE SummerSlam, and even though it has been extended to four hours, only one match is on the card. With that though, it’s a big one with Brock Lesnar taking on The Undertaker, who is rumored to return to his biker gimmick too. Still, the people out in Vegas have to get some numbers rolling and betting odds for SummerSlam already have the Deadman favored in huge fashion.

For the match that is expected to be the main event at SummerSlam, BET Wrestling has released the betting odds for it.

As of August 2, The Undertaker is heavily favored to win at -350 with Brock Lesnar sitting at +250.

All of this is very early and the huge differential is due to rumors and speculation that The Undertaker will get his win back against Brock Lesnar. For those not somehow aware, Lesnar ended “The Streak” by defeating The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXX.

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With three weeks left to go, these betting odds could change drastically a number of times before the match. A lot of different scenarios are going around for the ending to the match between Lesnar and Taker.

WWE is going to try and keep fans guessing until the final bell as to what will actually happen and what the outcome of the match will be. The company is trying desperately to keep all spoilers and rumors from leaking at this time.

Bookies, sportsbooks, and Vegas probably set this hugely favored line for The Undertaker over Brock Lesnar to see what type of wagers will be made. Once they begin to see bets roll in, they could and will move it as they see fit.

A lot of changes will be made to all betting odds as a lot of work still needs to be done to the SummerSlam card. Plenty of matches are rumored at this time, but only one is confirmed and in place.

Even the rumors are up in the air right now because superstars are being injured (John Cena) and others just taken out completely (Sting).

Something else to take into consideration for the main event at SummerSlam is the rumor that The Undertaker could revert back to or bring back some aspects of his old biker gimmick. If this were to happen, it could add a whole other level to the feud and change up betting odds yet again.

Right now, The Undertaker is seen as the heavy favorite to defeat Brock Lesnar at WWE SummerSlam. Those betting odds will change somewhat over the coming weeks and more will arrive as other matches are announced.

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