Hundreds Take Part In Sandra Bland Protests In Minneapolis

On Friday, hundreds of people took to the streets in Minneapolis, demanding justice for Sandra Bland, a black woman who died in a Texas Jail. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Bland was in Texas because was about to start a job there, but she ended up getting arrested. The incident that led to Bland being arrested occurred about a month ago. Bland was pulled over in her vehicle for failure to signal a lane change and the traffic stop escalated, and eventually she was placed in jail, where she was found hanging inside her cell.

Bland was in jail for three days before she was discovered in her cell. She also had interaction with an inmate in the cell next to her.

According to International Business Times, authorities determined that Bland committed suicide, but the incident has drawn criticism from people who say Bland shouldn’t have been detained, and that her case highlighted how black people are poorly treated by the police.

As for the Sandra Bland protests in Minneapolis, protesters were shouting things such as “black lives matter” and that people “cannot stop the revolution.”

Minneapolis isn’t the only place where Sandra Bland protests have been taking place. According to ABC, protesters for Bland, 28, also took place in downtown Durham, North Carolina. The number of protesters weren’t mentioned, but they started their protest for Bland at the bull statue and made their way to the Durham County Jail.

Protests for Sandra Bland also took place last Tuesday in Chicago. A crowd of people gathered in downtown Chicago and they wanted to bring awarness of Bland’s death. According to WGNTV, protesters said that even though they don’t support violence, they plan on continuing to protest. Some of the protesters also said that they want the truth to come out about Bland’s death.

Officials in Waller County, Texas, recently released a video because there were rumors going around that Bland was already dead before she even got to the jail. There are some who said that Bland was dead in her mugshot photo. Video evidence showed Bland was alive while in custody, and phone call records also showed she was alive when she was taken into custody.

A video of Bland’s arrest was made public, and the dash-cam video showed Bland being interrogated during the traffic stop. As the officer is writing her a ticket/warning, he asked her to put out her cigarette. Bland refused to and he asked her to get out of the car, and eventually she was arrested and taken to jail. She was held on $5,000 bond and she was waiting for her family members to raise it for her.

[Photo via Fibonacci Blue/Flickr]