Baby Rescued From Hot Car: Bodycam Captures Mother’s Reaction When Confronted By Police Officer

Baby in hot car

A video showing the moment a police officer confronts the mother of a baby who was left inside a hot car in the parking lot of an Oklahoma Walmart has been released. The video clip released on Friday shows the mother, a woman identified as Hannah Secondi, crying uncontrollably after the officer tells her about her baby she left inside her car.

According to KTLA 5, Hannah had left her 1-year-old daughter inside her car which was parked in the sweltering sun. The baby was rescued from the car and was doing fine even though temperatures inside the hot car had risen to over 100 degrees. The baby trapped inside the hot car was spotted by a couple who were walking beside the car and saw the baby inside. The duo, who has since then been identified as Jedidiah Bizzell and his girlfriend Chrysty Lansdowne, noticed that one of the doors of the car was unlocked and that the baby was covered in sweat. They immediately helped the baby out of the hot car and called 911.

“If the baby had been unconscious or asleep, we would have had no idea,” Bizzell said.

According to KTLA, the incident happened in the town of Owasso, which on the day of the incident reported temperatures of over 90 degrees and humidity levels between 53 and 63 percent. The body camera footage released shows an unknown police officer confronting Hannah and asking her about her baby. She realizes her mistake and immediately goes into panic.

“Oh God. Oh God. I can’t believe I did that. Oh my God. My husband’s going to kill me. Oh my God,” Secondi is heard saying.

The video also shows that Secondi was with another woman when the incident happened. The identity of her companion hasn’t been revealed.

In the video, a woman (off camera) can be heard saying, “Oh my God … she’s dead,” to which the officer replies, “No, she’s not,”

The officer then asked Secondi if she was the child’s mother and hands her what seems to be a receipt.

At this time, it remains unclear as to how long the baby had remained trapped inside the car. It has also not been established if Hannah was shopping at Walmart after leaving her baby inside the car. The baby was later handed over to her father while Hannah Secondi has been detained. She is now expected to be charged with child neglect.

The news of this mother leaving her daughter in a hot car comes just a few months after the Inquisitrreported about a father who left his child in a hot car on Father’s day.

[Image via YouTube]