Spirit Airlines To Charge $100 Carry-On Fee

Spirit Airlines bills itself as a low-fare carrier however the company’s insistence on charging for just about every single amenity under the sun is making it difficult to justify buying a ticket from the company. Making matters worse is a new $100 carry-on baggage fee which goes into effect on November 6, 2012.

The airline currently charges a $45 carry-on fee for domestic and international fliers if purchased ahead of time however that fee will increase to $100 if purchased at the gate.

Spirit Airlines announced the fee increase on its own website.

According to the company it will cost $5 to $10 more in carry-on fees on average when purchased online, at a reservation center or at an airport kiosk or counter. Club Fare members will also pay $9.

Spirit Airlines says carry-on fees will now range from $25 to $100 per bag, up from the current rates of $20 to $45.

With different fees for foreign and domestic flights, different fees based on the weight of the bag and the number of carry-on bags and different costs which are determined by when and where a customer pays the new plan despite the company’s best efforts is a nightmare for travelers.

Would you be willing to pay upwards of $100 for a single carry-on bag for some international flights about what use to be a discount airlines carrier? Maybe this will help you make up your mind, it is actually cheaper to bring a bike on the place at $75 starting in November while two surfboards in the same bag are also just $100.

As if super-high carry-on fees are not bad enough the company is currently being boycotted for refusing to refund a dying Marine.