Jericho The Lion, Cecil’s Brother, Was Not Shot By Poachers: Tracking Information Shows Him ‘Alive And Well’

Last month, an American dentist killed a popular lion in Zimbabwe named Cecil. The animal, which was wearing a tracking collar, was lured outside of the national park with bait by a hunting guide for Walter Palmer to kill with his crossbow. Since the incident, the hunting guide has been charged with poaching, and animal lovers across the U.S. have demanded actions be taken against the dentist responsible for Cecil’s illegal death. However, the drama didn’t end with the death of Cecil. Now media outlets are reporting that Cecil’s brother Jericho was also killed by a poacher, but is it true?

Numerous media outlets reported that Jericho, the male now protecting Cecil’s lion cubs, was also killed by poachers. From the New York Daily News to CNN, “breaking news” reports are claiming Jericho is dead. However, a number of wildlife protection organizations in Zimbabwe and the Oxford University scientists who had been tracking Cecil and Jericho tell the Daily Mail that the news is “utter sensationalism” and that Jericho is “alive and well.”

The Bhejane Trust is a Rhino and wildlife non-profit conservation organization based out of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, also claims that Jericho is alive and well. The organization says that the news of Jericho’s death is “false information” and that “Jericho was alive and well at 8.30 tonight and moving around Antoinette Estate (where Cecil was shot) with a female.”

What do you think? Did the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force improperly identify the dead lion or was there confusion regarding the lion’s whereabouts when the post was made? Is Jericho the lion alive or dead?

[Image Credit: Facebook]