Alabama Man Who Had Sex With Pig: Something You Should Know Before Sharing

A man caught having sex with a pig in the bathroom of an Alabama Walmart was reported to have been arrested in a story from Now 8 News.

According to the website, the Birmingham, Alabama, resident was still in police custody after he was spotted having “inappropriate relations” with the animal in one of the retail giant’s superstores.

Marvin Halbert was allegedly alone in the restroom with the pig when a 7-year-old boy walked in and then ran out screaming, “Mommy! Mommy! A man is in the bathroom holding a pig really close to him!” the site claimed.

The child’s mother then said she alerted management, who reportedly told the eyewitness they had already received complaints about “noises” coming from the restroom.

Raymond Cooper, an employee at the store, then supposedly rescued the pig, sharing his tale with the news site.

“When I went into the bathroom, I heard squealing from inside the stall. I told the man to open it but he wouldn’t, so I kicked it in. That crazy a** fool for real was doing a pig. I socked him in the face and grabbed the pig. That fool was out cold.”

While the Inquisitr has certainly reported on real life cases of bestiality before, there is something you should know about this one before you share it.

This story was widely circulating on Facebook in the last couple of days with users not realizing it was from a fake news source.

Unlike many fake news sites, Now 8 News doesn’t really denote the true nature of its content anywhere on the web page, and since crazier things have happened, you get a pass if you were one of the ones who shared it.

But Snopes looked in to this story after a few of the supporting details came off as a little too crazy to be real and found it was just another piece of satire. From the Snopes story.

“On 17 July 2015, Now8News published cannibalized a fabricated claim (involving a man on a park bench being eaten by pigeons) which first appeared on the similar fake news site NewsWatch28. On the same date, Now8News published a different, entirely made-up story claiming McDonald’s was caught using aborted fetuses in Chicken McNuggets.”

Long story short: anyone can publish these days, folks. Check those sources before sharing something as fact.

Have you seen the “sex with pig” story turn up on your news feed in the last few days? Have any friends or family who got suckered by it? Sound off in the comments section.

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