Anonymous Hackers: Census Bureau Breached By Hacker Group

Hackers linked to the group Anonymous are claiming that they have successfully hacked the United States Census Bureau. The Census Bureau is the latest United States government office to be breached through hacking. Anonymous claims that sensitive data from 4,200 Census Bureau workers was obtained. A spokesperson for the Census Bureau commented on the cyber theft.

"The US Census Bureau is investigating an IT security incident relating to unauthorized access to non-confidential information on an external system that is not part of the Census Bureau internal network. Access to the external system has been restricted while our IT forensics team investigates. Security and data stewardship are integral to the Census Bureau mission. We will remain vigilant in continuing to take every necessary precaution to protect all information."
Anonymous hacked into the United States Census Bureau and stole employee information as a form of protest against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and the Trans-Pacific Partnership. It is not completely known why Anonymous is against the trade agreements.The United States Census Bureau breach comes after a devastating internet breach involving information stolen from the Office of Personnel Management. In that data breach, hackers were able to obtain the information of more than 4 million employees. Initially, China was thought to be behind the massive information theft. The administration of President Barrack Obama will not officially place the blame on China.

Anonymous is the most famous hacking group in the world. Authorities find it difficult to actually take down the organization simply because the group has no central location or defined hierarchy of leadership. Anonymous grew out of a website known as It is believed that the hacking group uses the website as a place to meet and plan their future attacks. was thought to have been the homepage for anonymous. The group shared their mission statement with the world.

"We are an anonymous, decentralized movement which fights against censorship and copywrong. This is our homepage. Please look around and/or join the discussion in our chat."
What are your thoughts on Anonymous? Do you believe that Anonymous is behind the hacking that took place at the United States Census Bureau? What do you think the next target for Anonymous will be?

[Image via Flicker/Anonymous9000]