Visitors Unlikely To Leave North Sentinel Island Alive Due To Its Deadly Inhabitants [Video]

Those who visit North Sentinel Island are unlikely to leave alive due to the island’s murderous inhabitants.

North Sentinel Island lies in the Bay of Bengal off of the coast of India, and its white beaches and clear blue sea make it the perfect destination for any tourist in search of breathtaking scenery. According to Wackulus, the island is one of the last remaining uncivilized areas of the earth. But North Sentinel Island is still inhabited by natives who have remained trapped in time and have lived the same way for thousands of years — so much so that, when they see outsiders on their island, they often try to kill them with their rudimentary weapons.

North Sentinel Island is the size of Manhattan and has been occupied by indigenous people for 60,000 years. A tribe called Sentinelese, which has a population of just 200 people (or maybe more), occupy the island and, over the centuries, have denied any kind of contact with the world, refusing to be “civilized” by anyone. In fact, tourism to the island has been banned, and India’s government has established a three-mile exclusion zone in an effort to prevent more violence, a report from the Dhaka Tribune revealed.

Needless to say, neither tourists nor fishermen dare to set foot on North Sentinel Island, for those who drift too close to the island will be killed, as in the case of two fishermen who were killed by tribe members in 2006. According to the Telegraph, Sunder Raj, 48, and Pandit Tiwari, 52, were killed by the Sentinelese while they were fishing illegally for mud crabs off the island.

Regarding the incident, Samir Acharya, the head of an environmental organization, released the following statement.

“As day broke, fellow fishermen say they tried to shout at the men and warn them they were in danger. However they did not respond — they were probably drunk — and the boat drifted into the shallows where they were attacked and killed.”

The tribe is extremely hostile and they will attack anything approaching the territory, both by sea and also by air. Photos have shown them throwing stones and shooting arrows at helicopters and planes flying over their sky. It is virtually impossible to take pictures of the tribe to document their island life because you can not get closer than three miles from the coast.

The Sentinelese still live by hunting and gathering wild fruits, there is no trace of agricultural practices, and their language remains unknown. It is also difficult to estimate the number of people in the tribe because of the impossibility to travel to the island to conduct a census.

Marco Polo, who had contact with them in the thirteenth century, wrote that “they are a most violent and cruel generation who seem to eat everybody they catch.”

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