Christy Mack Interviewed On HBO Special On ‘Real Sports’ — Describes Assault By War Machine

Over the years, it has become the media’s intention to pair criminal activity with sports. It is more so true when it comes to violent crime and MMA. An example of such an incident that happened recently has to be the Jon Jones hit-and-run. Back in April, “Bones” allegedly ran a red light and crashed his vehicle into two other vehicles. He fled the scene leaving an injured pregnant woman in another vehicle behind. Ultimately, Jones paid the consequences for his actions, both legally and professionally.

Though what Jon Jones did was terrible, it does pale to another violent crime to MMA incident back in August of 2014 when Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver — better known as “War Machine” — assaulted his ex-girlfriend and adult film star, Christy Mack. Now almost a year later, Mack opens up even more about that horrific night, providing details of War Machine’s assault.

According to Sporting News, Christy Mack provided details of the night War Machine assaulted her during an exclusive interview on HBO’s Real Sports. A preview of the segment — which is titled Outside the Cage” — was recently released online to raise awareness within social media.

Needless to say, listening to any survivor’s account of domestic abuse is a debilitating experience, especially if they are seen with bruises and bloodied facial features. Yet, it is even more heart-wrenching when the abuser is trained to fight, trained to damage the body of the man or woman opposing them. In that light, Christy Mack suffered a broken nose, fractured orbital bone, two knocked-out teeth, and a lacerated liver, according to MMA Junkie. It happens Mack was in a “dating relationship” with another man, Corey Thomas. He, too, suffered at the hands of War Machine with a broken nose and dislocated shoulder since he was with Mack at the time of the assault.

Presently, Christy Mack has recovered from her injuries and is spreading awareness of domestic abuse. As for War Machine, he is scheduled to stand trial for 34 charges, including attempted murder, later this year.

The Christy Mack interview, as well as the “Outside the Cage” exclusive, will air on Real Sports later tonight on HBO at 10 p.m. EST. Replays will be available throughout the week.

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