‘Baby Doe’ Mystery Continues: Billboard Campaign Launched To Determine The Young Girl’s Identity

The Baby Doe mystery continues as Massachusetts authorities add to their efforts in trying to determine the identity of the young girl by launching a massive billboard campaign.

The young child dubbed Baby Doe was discovered in a trash bag in Boston Harbor nearly a month ago. The departed little girl is believed to have been about 4-years-old, with brown hair, and brown eyes, weighing approximately 30 pounds.

The cause of death was not determined after an autopsy was completed. Investigators are unable to say whether Baby Doe’s body washed up onto the Deer Island shoreline, or whether the child was left there by someone.

Deer Island became a peninsula after the 1938 New England hurricane. The island has miles of walking trails and is accessible by road. It is also home to a wastewater treatment plant.

Divers searched the coastline, while the Coast Guard worked at analyzing currents, as they continued their quest for answers.

On June 25, a woman walking her dog found the body of Baby Doe. The young girl was wearing a pair of white leggings with black polka dots. She had a zebra-print fleece blanket that “investigators believe may have been special to her,” according to a statement reported by NBC News.

Leggings Of Baby Doe
This photograph shows leggings the child was wearing when she was found. They are white with black polka dots about an inch in diameter, size 4T, manufactured by “Circo.” (Suffolk County District Attorney's Office)

The search for Baby Doe’s parents and the identity of the late child became a social media trend, with thousands of people offering their help in the heart-breaking investigation.

However, according to authorities, none of the hundreds of “local, national, and international” tips produced information leading to identifying Baby Doe or determining who the little girl’s parents are.

In an additional effort to determine Baby Doe’s identity, Massachusetts authorities launched a new attempt to try to identify her.

Blanket Found With Baby Doe
This photograph shows a blanket found with the child’s body. It is a black and white zebra print manufactured by “Cannon.” (Suffolk County District Attorney's Office)

Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office and Massachusetts State Police are working with MassDOT to increase their outreach to the public using digital billboards. They are determined to search for assistance in identifying the unknown, deceased little girl whose body was found on Deer Island last month.

Dozens of billboards are being spread throughout the state of Massachusetts, featuring a computer-generated image of the toddler created by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, with the message, “Did You Know Me?”

Billboard Used To Determine Baby Doe Identity
Suffolk County District Attorney’s office and Massachusetts State Police are working with MassDOT to increase their outreach to the public using digital billboards. (Photo courtesy of Suffolk County District Attorney’s office)

On Monday, Massachusetts State Police provided a statement saying 84 billboards would be displayed in fifty locations.