Alabama Man Shoots Television Because Caitlyn Jenner

An Alabama man, frustrated with Caitlyn Jenner’s recent ESPY award, decided to take his anger out on an old TV set using a rifle, uploading footage of the one-sided duel to YouTube.

The shooter, identified only as Bob K., filmed the two-minute-long clip earlier this week, posting it to YouTube on July 15. The video, #take out your tv challenge, popped up on Reddit on Friday, according to Mediaite, where commenters quickly took issue with the title, noting that the TV shoot-up appeared to be designed to go viral.

“I instinctively figured from the title that this’d be a clickbait ‘viral’ video made for middle-aged women to share to one another on Facebook,” one observer noted. “But hey, I notice from the video description that it isn’t sponsored by some dodgy-sounding marketing company yet, so plenty of time to grow.”

In the video’s description, underneath an avatar of the Confederate flag, the clip’s author explained the rationale behind his cathode-ray assault.

“I’m sick of the sickoe crap big media is pushing on america. So I decided that I had as of today no more perverted nasty garbage will enter my home..I forgot t o load my tool of destruction making this video..please forgive my narrative..”

Bob K. isn’t the only person to voice outrage over Jenner’s receipt of the Arthur Ashe Courage Award, which she accepted on Wednesday. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Friday Night Lights creator Peter Berg voiced his displeasure with Jenner’s award by posting a meme comparing her to a double amputee soldier on Instagram, for which he was widely criticized. Other stars, including Miami Dolphins wide receiver Jarvis Landry, expressed their frustration with Jenner’s award, as TMZ reports.

“What exactly is ‘COURAGE’ these days?” he tweeted.

Michelle Beadle also addressed the situation, summing up the way in which ESPN was handling criticism over the award.

“This rage over an arbitrary award is silly. Courage and bravery come in many forms and faces. I welcome progress for everyone. #BeYou.”

Commenters on Reddit were quick to point out the arcane nature of the TV set used in the video, asserting that it was likely not Bob K.’s only television.

“He didn’t have the balls to shoot his actual tv, which I guarantee is a flat screen. You can’t even donate old tvs like that to charities, no one wants them.”

Whether or not the television had been recently used, it remains to be seen if it is the only inanimate object that will take a bullet in protest of Caitlyn Jenner’s ESPY.

[Image: YouTube screenshot via Twitter]