Pitbull Tells Donald Trump To ‘Watch Out For El Chapo’

Rapper Pitbull has told Donald Trump to “watch out for El Chapo” in the latest turn of events following Donald Trump’s bid for President of the United States. It was at the end of the artist’s acceptance speech for Top Urban Artist on Thursday night. On top of Pitbull’s message to the republican presidential hopeful, he has also vowed never to stay in one of Trump’s hotels.

After Donald Trump’s racially charged Twitter rants about Mexican immigrants bringing drugs, crime, and rape into the United States, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, many celebrities and businesses are boycotting his businesses. Everything from Trump’s hotels to companies like Dr. Pepper / 7-Up are among the list, according to a Facebook post.

Considering Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant statements, many Latino celebrities are joining the list of people who won’t support him at all. One person whose identity is yet to be determined threatened Trump on Twitter using Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman’s name. Pitbull decided to take advantage of that interaction when he delivered his acceptance speech.

Pitbull’s Donald Trump speech began by thanking the Republican candidate for the offer to eat at his hotel and fly in his helicopter, but then he began “throwing the shade.” He looked to the candidates at the forefront, Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio, and Jeb Bush, urging them to “step it up.” According to CNN, he wants to ensure Trump is never elected.

“Donald Trump doesn’t become Donald Trump by being ignorant. He may have a big ego — we’ve all [known] that for years. What I think is that he found a button (illegal immigration) that he likes, and he sees that he got people mad and hot and he’s gonna keep pushing it.”

“Due to what’s been said, I wouldn’t be able to [stay in one of Trump’s hotels]. I can’t, just for the simple fact that you’re talking about a culture that I ride, I die for. This culture is the only reason I’m having this conversation right now.”

After this, USA Today says Pitbull told Donald Trump to “watch out for El Chapo.”

Presidential candidates on both sides have joined Pitbull’s cause, with Bush claiming he’d like to invite the rapper to a baseball game, and Rubio saying he’s a fan of his music.

Hillary Clinton also chimed in with her own slam on Trump last Monday.

“I don’t have to wait to become president to take a stand right here and right now against the divisive rhetoric that demonizes immigrants and their families.”

Democrats and republicans have both taken shots at Trump, but it took a rapper following up a mysterious tweet to deliver it at an award ceremony. The world can only wait for what will happen after Pitbull gave Donald Trump his personal warning.

[Image via Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images]