‘Huffington Post’ Won’t Cover Trump And The Donald Isn’t Happy About It

Friday, the Huffington Post announced it would no longer be covering Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in the News section, but would instead file his stories next to the Kardashians under Entertainment.

Calling Trump’s campaign a “sideshow,” Washington bureau chief Ryan Grim and Editorial Director Danny Shea said Trump news belonged next to The Bachelorette and their paper wouldn’t take the bait.

Grim went on to refer to Trump as a “clownshow” during an interview with the Business Insider.

Needless to say The Donald was not pleased.

He responded Friday afternoon with scathing remarks of his own calling the Huffington Post a “money-losing, glorified blog.”

Trump went on to point out the website’s own poll, which listed Donald as the Republican frontrunner ahead of Jeb Bush. He also took credit for singlehandedly raising the immigration issue to the national level and making it a major issue in the presidential campaign.

“The only clown show in this scenario is the ‘Huffington Post’ pretending to be a legitimate news source. Mr. Trump is not focused on being covered by a glorified blog. He is focused on Making America Great Again.”

The Donald wasn’t the only one upset by the Huffington Post’s handling of the situation.

Media outlets on both sides of the political isle have condemned the Huffington Post for its comments about Trump and his campaign and they may be right.

Conservative leaning Fox News ran a story quoting Rich Noyes, director of the Media Research Center, saying voters should have the right to decide whether a candidate is legitimate, not the media.

Meanwhile on the other side of the political aisle, Mother Jones posted a story saying that although some people disagree with Trump’s political attitudes, a surprising number support him and that brings its own legitimacy.

Trump’s statements about Mexican immigrants to the United States being “rapists” and “killers” have made headlines since the day he announced his presidential run.

When Kathryn Steinle was gunned down in San Francisco by five-time deportee Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, The Donald seized on it as proof the United States needs a border wall.

The billionaire-turned-Republican presidential nominee is hyping his campaign like he would a reality television show, but more and more Americans are paying attention.

Although his comments are radical, the presidential contender may require some attention.

What do you think? Is Donald Trump running a legitimate campaign and do media organizations have the right to judge?

[Photo by Charlie Leight/Getty Images]