Bill Cosby Barbecue Sauce: 'Cosby Show' Clip Of Special BBQ Sauce Goes Viral

A clip from an episode of The Cosby Show featuring Bill Cosby at his TV family's home barbecue recently went viral online.

In the clip, Heathcliff Huxtable (played by Bill Cosby) is having a side discussion with his wife, Claire (played by Phylicia Rashad), as they observe the affectionate behavior of their family members -- especially their children and their spouses.

Claire comments on how wonderful it is to see that they worked their problems out for themselves. However, Heathcliff mentions that the credit for bringing them together should go to his special barbecue sauce instead.

"They haven't worked anything out for themselves. It's my barbecue sauce... Haven't you ever noticed after people have some of my barbecue sauce after a while, when it kicks in, they get all huggy-buggy?"
Claire initially laughs it off, saying, "Cliff, stop." However, Dr. Huxtable sticks to his story and further explains his special barbecue sauce theory to his wife.
"I'm dead serious. Haven't you ever noticed that after one of my barbecues, and they have the sauce, people want to get right home?"
The camera shot then focuses on Sondra and Elvin sitting next to Denise and Martin. Both couples seemed to be at each other's throats earlier in the episode. However, at that moment, they were affectionate and cuddly with one another.Dr. Huxtable even seals the deal by convincing his wife to leave the barbecue with him so that they can head upstairs and enjoy the cup of barbecue sauce that he placed in their bedroom.

Before he leaves, though, Cliff quickly wipes the barbecue sauce from the mouth of young Kenny (also known as "Bud") after he compliments Cliff on it.

The clip is from Episode 3, Season 7 of The Cosby Show, which was titled "The Last Barbecue." According to IMDB, the episode first premiered on October 4, 1990 -- nearly 25 years ago.

With the recent unsealing of Bill Cosby's deposition from 2005, it apparently seems as if a wide variety of media clips -- including past interviews and Cosby Show episodes -- have been dissected, slammed, turned into viral memes, and criticized online as a result.

According to the deposition, Bill Cosby admitted to having used quaaludes to drug women in order to have sex with them.

[Image Credit: Ethan Miller / Getty Images]