Bill Cosby Accuser Andrea Constand Asks Judge To Make Comedian’s Full Deposition And Settlement Agreement Public

Bill Cosby accuser Andrea Constand asked a judge on Wednesday to unseal the comedian’s full deposition and settlement agreement from her 2005 civil lawsuit.

According to The Washington Post, attorneys for Andrea Constand filed a motion Wednesday in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania seeking to have Bill Cosby’s entire deposition and the parties’ settlement agreement released to the public.

“But for Cosby’s repeated violations of the confidentially [sic] agreement and attempt to sway public opinion in his favor this motion would not have been necessary. Defendant has opened the door to the relief sought by his continuing actions of those of his ‘camp.'”

According to Constand, Bill Cosby’s public denials in response to the drugging and rape allegations lodged against him have proved detrimental to her. In the motion, Andrea Constand’s attorneys cite multiple comments made by either Cosby or his representatives that have been damaging to her. The ways Cosby and his people have damaged her include the comedian’s statement at a show on Nov. 22 that he would not “answer to innuendo” and Camille Cosby’s statement in which she compares the allegations against her husband to Rolling Stone’s “discredited article” about a rape at the University of Virginia.

“Cosby’s behaviors have caused plaintiff unwanted and overwhelming media attention, which has detrimentally affected her. The public is left with the impression, as some commentators have opined, that the seminal question of [Cosby’s] admission as to administering Quaaludes to sex partners was taken out of context.”

Andrea Constand was the main plaintiff in the civil lawsuit filed against the comedian in 2005. In her original lawsuit, Constand accused Cosby of drugging and raping her at his Pennsylvania home in 2004. The suit was settled in 2006.

On Monday, portions of Bill Cosby’s deposition from that suit were unsealed. In excerpts from his deposition, it was revealed the comedian testified under oath that he obtained Quaaludes to give to women with whom he wanted to have sex, as the Inquisitr previously reported.

Constand argues that releasing the full deposition and settlement agreement now may help the other women who have lodged drugging and rape allegations against Bill Cosby.

“The release of these documents will assist other women who have been victimized and bring awareness to the fact that sexual assault is not just committed with a gun or knife but is also committed by mentors who engage in exploitative behaviors.”

Constand’s request for release of the full deposition comes just days after Attorney Gloria Allred promised to use Bill Cosby’s words against him in other court cases, as reported by the Inquisitr. According to the civil rights attorney, who represents 17 of the 40 Cosby accusers, the comedian’s 2005 testimony confirms what the alleged victims have been saying.

“This confirms the allegations of numerous victims who have alleged that he had used drugs to sexually assault them. This admission is one that Mr. Cosby has attempted to hide from the public for many years and we are very gratified that it is now being made public.”

[Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]