UFO Flying Saucer Discovered Hidden In Mars Crater, UFO Hunters Claim

Online Mars anomaly hunters claim they have discovered a disc-shaped UFO abandoned in a crater on the Martian surface.

Alien UFO and Mars anomaly hunters UFOvni2012 discovered the alleged flying saucer in a NASA photo of the Martian terrain in the archives of the Arizona State University Mars Education program.

The flying saucer appears half concealed in a “concave tunnel” that anomaly hunters believe could be entrance to an underground alien base on the planet Mars.

The features of the alleged flying saucer are not sharply defined, but according to UFO hunters, it appears to be a disc-shaped flying machine with the classic UFO flying saucer shape.

Disc-Shaped UFO in Martian Crater

Scott waring, Editor of UFO Sightings Daily, believes that the poorly defined features of the UFO suggest it has been abandoned at the crash site for a long time, perhaps for thousands of years.

Flying Saucer-Shaped UFO In Martian Crater

“They take refuge in the crater to protect it in case they need to salvage anything from it later. You see, the walls of the crater give it a lot of added protection from both meteorites and aliens who wish to salvage parts or all of it.

In any case, this ship is too old to fly anymore and probably has been here for thousands of years.”

The Martian terrain, as revealed by NASA photos taken by Mars orbiter and rovers, has been a rich field for discovery of alien space ships by indefatigable Mars anomaly hunters.

In March 2015, the Inquisitr reported that Mars anomaly hunters MMSPZC claimed they had discovered a giant flying saucer abandoned in the Aram Chaos region — 2.6°N, 21.5°W — of Mars near the canyon Valles Marineris and Ares Vallis.

Images captured by zooming in on a NASA Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC) photographic overview of the rugged Martian terrain of Aram Chaos, appear to show a flying saucer with distinct metallic luster and a sharp-edged curve suggestive of artificial design and construction that contrasts sharply with the natural Martian environment (see video below).

Flying Saucer Abandoned On Rugged Terrain Of Aram Chaos, Mars

The Inquisitr also reported in February, 2015, that YouTube Mars anomaly hunters Martian Archaeology claimed they discovered a crashed UFO in NASA photos of the Martian surface. The alleged UFO was found in the Candor Chasma region of mars — 6°25’40.89″S 76°53’48.65″W.

Mars anomaly hunters speculated that features revealed in the photos suggest that the flying saucer crashed while approaching the entrance to an underground alien base (see photos below).

UFO Crash Site In The Candor Chasma Region Of Mars
UFO Crash Site: Candor Chasma Region Of Mars
Alleged 3D Reconstruction Of Crash Site

“[The features] resemble a low flying saucer-shaped craft that crashed on the Martian surface, plowing into the Martian soil and finally coming to rest half-submerged in the red soil. And that is not all — the scaled 3-D reconstruction of the site suggests that the flying saucer was actually approaching the entrance to an underground storage and maintenance facility for ships that could also have been a production facility.”

[Images: NASA; YouTube / UFOvni2012; YouTube / MMSPZC; YouTube / Martian Archaeology; UFO Sightings Daily]