Reddit beats Funny or Die in the NOM ad satire stakes

The “storm is coming” ad from the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage (NOM) gained widespread controversy when it was released, and rightly so.

In the ad, NOM makes claims based on existing discrimination laws and falsely applies them to gay marriage in an attempt to scare viewers over what might happen if gay marriage became legal. You’d think watching it that the end of the world was nigh, and bizarrely NOM claims that gay marriage is a threat to freedom.

The ad was ripe for a takeoff, and now we have two. Users on Reddit got together to dub the ad, changing gay marriage to inter-racial marriage to prove that discrimination against gay couples is really no different than past bans on inter-racial marriage. Funny or Die went for a more humorous take, with a range of actors poking fun of the storm message.

The two versions following. The Funny or Die take has its moments, but the Reddit version really cuts through; it’s so good that it was given a “Homo Hero” award from Lesbian and Gay Foundation in the UK.

Reddit version