Drunk Dad Buys Daughter, 3, Foot-long Sandwich Before Abandoning Her At Subway At Dark

A drunk father has been arrested after he abandoned his 3-year-old daughter at a Subway in New York. The little girl entered the store with her father, who then purchased her a foot-long sandwich. He told the little girl to stay put inside with the sandwich as he walked outside. He promised the child he would return, but employees soon realized he wasn’t coming back.

The New York Daily News reports that 34-year-old Stanley Fredrique took his 3-year-old daughter to a Harlem Subway at 11:30 p.m. and purchased her a foot-long sandwich before leaving the child alone in the restaurant. Initially, the workers in the restaurant thought the man would return for the child, but he never did. Eventually, police were contacted and Fredrique was arrested on child endangerment charges. However, upon arrest, Fredrique claimed he didn’t abandon his daughter, but “forgot” about her because he was drunk. As he was being arrested, he screamed that he was sick and didn’t leave his daughter.

“I didn’t leave my daughter. I’m sick. You guys do not know what’s going on in my life. You guys are not in my shoes. I got problems. I didn’t leave my daughter.”

Despite Fredrique’s claims that he didn’t intentionally leave his daughter, witnesses in the restaurant say he was drunk and “looked abnormal.” One employee said he seemed nervous when he placed the order for the child and that he was “rude” to the girl telling her to “go sit inside.” According to the Daily Mail, the pair looked happy and were both smiling as they entered the restaurant. However, after the sandwich was ordered, the father told the little girl to sit in the restaurant and he would be back shortly. The girl allegedly ran behind her father shouting, “daddy, daddy” so he promised the child he would return. However, as time went by, employees realized he wasn’t coming back and a Good Samaritan cared for the child until police arrived.

“When he was ordering the sandwich he feel very nervous. I think maybe something is wrong with this guy. I’m like, maybe he go outside for something else. Maybe he’ll be back and pick her up. But no, he didn’t come the whole night.”

What do you think about Stanley Fredrique’s claims that he was drunk and simply forgot about the child? Does the story make sense with the scene that witnesses described that included the child chasing after the father as he exited.

[Image Credit: NYPD]