Teacher Arrested For Firing Blanks At Students

Gun Blank Using Teacher

Virginia high school teacher Manuel Dillow, 60, was arrested last week after he shot blank bullets at a class full of students, apparently in an attempt to get the high school teenagers to pay attention to his lesson plans.

According to the New York Daily News the teacher lined up more than a dozen students against a garage door to his welding class at which point he pulled out a handgun and fired blank bullets at the students up to 10 times in their direction.

The gun was borrowed from another teacher at the school who used it for criminal justice classes.

For his misguided effort Manuel Dillow is now facing 12 felony counts of brandishing a firearm and he has been immediately removed from teaching duties although he still remains on the school districts payroll.

When asked why the teacher was charged with a crime the local county sheriff said his actions led to “inciting fear into the students.”

While we might expect to hear all sorts of outrage from every single parent of involved students, some have stood beside Mr. Dillow including one parent who revealed:

“I support Mr. Dillow 100% and my son and I will be in the court room when he goes to support him.”

With school shootings leading to devastating results throughout the United States in recent memory the tactic may have not been the smartest decision on the teachers parts, he either had some very bad students or at 60-years-old perhaps early retirement is in order for Mr. Dillow.

Do you think the teachers actions should be punished or could his method actually produce positive results?