Ray McDonald Charged With Domestic Violence

Ray McDonald, former San Francisco 49er defensive lineman, has been charged with felony domestic violence from an incident that occurred in May with his ex-fiancée and his infant child in Santa Clara, according to San Jose Mercury News. On Thursday, prosecutors charged 30-year-old McDonald with a felony false imprisonment and misdemeanor counts of domestic violence, child endangerment, and violating a protective order.

On May 25, in the early morning hours, McDonald allegedly broke through a bedroom door at a Carlyle Court apartment that he leased for his ex-fiancée and their child. While police were interviewing the woman, McDonald arrived at the residence again, but left as soon as he saw police vehicles. McDonald was arrested at the house of retired 49er Justin Smith. After posting bail two days later, McDonald was arrested again when the victim and police arrived at the residence and found that McDonald was there, in violation of the restraining order.

McDonald is scheduled to be arraigned Thursday afternoon at the Hall of Justice in San Jose, according to NBC Bay Area. If McDonald is convicted, he could be sentence up to three years in prison.

In a statement, Deputy District Attorney James Demertzis said as follows.

"It is unconscionable and illegal for any woman to be trapped, whether it be behind a dining room table or in a relationship filled with fear and violence."
In May, McDonald's attorney, Steve Defilippis, said that McDonald was never issued a restraining order.
"I had confirmed that with him yesterday [in May], well before any of this was an issue, and the only paperwork that he was given when he left the jail was the booking sheet, no restraining order."
The fall of McDonald's NFL career can be blamed on his arrest and violence record. He was released from the San Francisco 49ers after being arrested, but was later picked up by the Chicago Bears. After being arrested again, McDonald was released by the Chicago Bears, and no other NFL team has touched him sense.

[Photo by Christian Petersen / Getty Images]