Joe & Kendra Duggar Share New Photos And Details Of Life With Their Newborn Baby Girl Addison

Joe and Kendra Duggar are now a family of four. They just welcomed their second child, a baby girl they named Addison Renee, on November 2. Now TLC has just released some gorgeous photos of the newborn with her family as well as a short video clip of the Counting On couple sharing a few tidbits on life with another baby added into the mix.

Kendra explained in the introduction clip that it has been fun getting used to having a girl in their family. Their first child, Garret David, 1, is also getting used to being a big brother. Their 21-year-old mom mentioned that he has been learning to be gentle with his baby sister. He has been touching her little toes and trying not to poke her too much. Kendra talked about how emotional she was when her daughter entered into the world, and she got to hold her for the first time after birth.

As for sleep in the Duggar household, the reality stars admitted that Addison didn't have much of a sleeping schedule the first few nights as she was getting them up pretty much at all hours of the night. Her proud dad said that things have settled down a bit now and that she is doing better in the sleeping department. Joe also said that she is a happy baby. The new parents are happy with their little family as well.

"We've quickly adjusted to being a family of four. Our new pastime is staring and smiling at this precious new face! Garrett is very interested in his new sister. We may be a little tired but what we lack on sleep has been made up in happiness!" Joe and Kendra told TLC.

The video clip was filmed in their Arkansas home. Kendra is wearing a flowered top with her hair pulled back into a ponytail. She is holding Addison while she is talking to the camera. The baby girl has on a teal blue outfit with her little hand covered up and a white bow on her small head. She is wrapped up in a pink baby blanket.

The series of family photos featured Joe and Kendra Duggar holding their newborn daughter and her big brother as well. Garrett is wearing bluejeans and a tan sweater. He is posing with bare feet. While the little guy has blond hair like Kendra, it looks like his sister was born with darker hair like her dad.

Addison Renee weighed in at 7 pounds, 12 ounces, and was 20.5 inches long at birth. Just a week after she was born, Josiah and Lauren Duggar welcomed their little girl into the world on November 8. They named her Bella Milagro Duggar.

There will be plenty of birth episodes to be aired on TLC's Counting On soon.