Slipknot's Corey Taylor Puts Kanye West In His Place: 'You Are Not The Greatest Living Rock Star'

Kanye West is known for putting himself above everyone else, maybe even above some of his peers in the music industry. Recently, Kanye West headlined the Glastonbury Festival, replacing Foo Fighters after frontman Dave Grohl broke his leg while rocking on stage.

After his set at Glastonbury, Kanye West reminded the audience who they were watching up on stage.

"I'm going to say this tonight because 20 years from now, 30 years from now, 40 years from now, I might not be able to say it, but I can say it tonight… You are now watching the greatest living rock star on the planet!"
The statement from Kanye sent Twitter into a frenzy, with many reacting violently to Kanye's words, while others were just left confused.Last month, Dave Grohl spoke to The Sun and said that Kanye West's set "could go either way," according to NME.
"I think maybe Kanye's personality might be harder to swallow than his music. But these are the moments that make for great moments in the history of rock 'n' roll.

"He could walk out there and have 100,000 people bottle him on stage or he could walk out there and show the world that nothing else matters except for that moment. And I'm sure that is what he will do."

Now, Corey Taylor from heavy metal band Slipknot is putting Kanye West in his place. According to Alternative Press, Corey even recorded a short video message to Kanye via Music Choice to let the rapper know how he feels about his statement in Glastonbury.
"Kanye, you are not – not – the greatest living rock star of all time. The fact that you had to tell people that kind of says it all."
You can watch the video below to see the rest of Corey Taylor's message to Kanye West.

Corey Taylor isn't the first musician to react to Kanye's statement. English rock band The Who were also in attendance at the Glastonbury festival. Pete Townshend, the band's guitarist, took the time to address what Kanye West said after an epic guitar solo.

"We're going to send you home now with a rebellious, 'Oh yeah, who's the biggest fu****g rock star in the world?'"
In other news, Dave Grohl recently performed with a broken leg in a concert in Washington D.C., as the Inquisitr previously reported. Instead of cancelling concerts, he opted to sit in a throne of musical instruments and equipment, much like the iron throne in Game of Thrones. Now, that's a rock star!


What are your thoughts on Kanye West's proclamation? Do you think he is the greatest living rock star on the planet?

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