Grohl Performs On A Throne: Foo Fighters Frontman Doesn’t Let Broken Leg Hold Him Back

Foo Fighters star Dave Grohl performed on a throne Saturday night during a concert in Washington, D.C., and fans went wild. The musician broke his foot a while back, and it looks like this was a creative way to make his performing a bit easier in lieu of having to cancel the scheduled concert. What’s the scoop on Grohl’s throne performance?

The Foo Fighters were slated to perform on the Fourth of July at the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium in Washington, D.C. As the band shared via its Facebook page after the event, Dave Grohl performed from a throne during the concert, and the photos have gone viral.

This was no ordinary throne, however. As Variety shares, the Grohl throne was a huge and impressive piece of equipment that had lights, amps, and multiple guitars affixed around the edges. It seems that the musician himself came up with the concept for the throne, and his team quickly went to work on making it a reality. Grohl was able to keep his leg propped up throughout his performance, though he still rocked it out enough to keep fans happy.

The Foo Fighters frontman sustained the injury during a June show in Sweden. As Rolling Stone shared, Grohl tumbled off the stage during the concert and fell into the security pit. The incident happened just a couple of songs into the show, and Grohl quickly realized that this was no ordinary injury.

The musician told the audience that he was pretty sure he’d broken his leg, but he promised the show would continue. The band continued on with some cover songs as Grohl went to the hospital. The Foo Fighters star did return an hour later, via stretcher, and performed from a chair for a couple of hours.

It was later revealed that Grohl had snapped his fibula and dislocated his ankle, and he had to have surgery to repair the injuries. His doctors wanted him to lay low, and several European tour dates had to be canceled. Now, however, the dedicated musician has figured out a way to follow doctor’s orders and still perform.

CBS News shares that as Grohl performed from the throne in Washington, D.C., he explained the injury and even played the clip of the incident on a screen. The concert celebrated the band’s 20th anniversary since the release of their first album, and it seems the Foo Fighters weren’t about to miss out on the opportunity to celebrate.

Dave Grohl performed from the throne Monday night again in New Jersey. Given their packed summer of tour dates around globe, it would seem that the Foo Fighters plan to incorporate that giant guitar-laden throne for as long as Grohl needs for his recovery, and from the looks of things, fans don’t mind a bit.

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