Pollster Saves Woman’s Life During Perfectly Timed Political Call

A New York City woman has a Marist College student to thank for saving her life, by complete and perfectly timed chance the NYC resident answered her phone and then quickly went into diabetic shock while the college student poll taker was on the other side of the line.

Speaking to NBC New York the college student says he didn’t hang up the phone because:

“Something just sounded off. It was just really heavy breathing and panting.”

Quickly realizing a medical emergency might be at hand the student called in supervisor Daniela Carter who asked Berline if she was alright. After hearing Berline say “no” Daniela quickly had her staff call 911 and then wait on the line with Berlin until an ambulance arrived and took her to the hospital.

According to Berline

“The man from the ambulance said I would have died during the night.” B

Feeling a sense of connection to the Manhattan resident the team at the polling center visited Berlin in the hospital on Wednesday night.

It turns out Berlin was never able to answer the question which asked for her thoughts about current city mayor Michael Bloomberg. When NBC asked her if she had an opinion about Mr. Bloomberg she replied:

“I certainly do, and they are all negative.”

Now remember the next time you receive a political polling call that it could be the call that saves your life, more than likely though it will just end up wasting a few minutes of your time.