Man Arrested For Stealing Gas From Police Car, Posting Photo On Facebook

A Kentucky man was arrested this week after a picture he posted on Facebook of him siphoning gas from a police cruiser was brought to the attention of the local police.

Michael Baker, age 20, was arrested and charged with theft after the picture surfaced. It was not tough to find though, considering Baker posted the photo of his theft directly on his Facebook page for the world to enjoy.

The picture shows Baker kneeling beside a Jenkins police cruiser, siphoning gas and giving the camera the middle finger.

Needless to say, posting the act on Facebook wasn’t the smartest choice, unless Baker wanted to be arrested.

Police in Jenkins, Kentucky arrested Baker on Monday evening, after obtaining a copy of the photo, reportedly taken by Michael’s girlfriend.

The arrest charge is for theft by unlawful taking, and the arrest warrant alleges that he ,”stole gas from a Jenkins City Police Cruiser” and then “posted a picture of his theft on facebook.”

While the picture has been removed from the social networking site, Baker informed his friends through a status update that, “[I] just got out of jail.” He later added in a post that “yea lol i went too jail over facebook.”

Another friend spoke with him about the image after it was taken down. Baker’s reply was, “yea lol u would just have to seen it it was funny as hell tho.” It appears that, even after being arrested and charged, the Kentucky man holds no remorse over his crime.

Michael Baker is scheduled to be arraigned today in Letcher County District Court for charges of stealing gas from a police cruiser. Maybe next time he will at least learn not to post crimes on Facebook.

Check out the video below for more information on Michael Baker’s arrest:

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