Carlie Beck: Cheerleaders Protest Playboy Photo Firing

Cheerleaders at a California high school are protesting the firing of their coach over a series of nude photos from Playboy. Carlie Beck — named in Playboy as Carlie Christine — lost her job at Orangevale’s Casa Roble High School after a parent found and complained about the images.

Carlie Beck

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Carlie Beck: The Playboy Photos

Carlie Beck was Playboy’s “Cyber Girl of the Week” earlier this year. A parent of a girl who was unable to try out for the cheerleading team reportedly brought Beck’s Playboy photos to the administration’s attention, leading to her termination.

Recently, a group of freshmen cheerleaders stood outside the school with signs stating their support for Beck. They chanted: “We want Carlie Back!” The girls told a local TV station they didn’t see anything wrong with Carlie Beck’s photos, saying she was an “amazing coach” and a “role model.”

Carlie Beck: Cheerleader Protest Video

The following Carlie Beck video shows the cheerleader protest, including the girls’ explanation for their support.