Walmart $75,000 Theft: Man Posing As Loomis Armored Guard Steals $75,000 From Walmart Store In Bristow, Oklahoma [Video]

Paula Mooney

The FBI is looking for a man brazen enough to walk into a Walmart in Bristow, Oklahoma, and steal $75,000 by posing as a Loomis armored guard. The man didn't use a gun, nor did he threaten the Walmart employees as he received the $75,000 and walked out, according to Fox 23.

Instead, the Walmart robber, pretending to be a Loomis employee with a uniform that resembled more of a weight-lifting vest and had no Loomis logo, got away with the $75,000 in cash with a head start of about 22 minutes. That's when the real Loomis armored guard showed up to collect the $75,000 in cash — and the Walmart employees realized that the other man was a fake Loomis armored guard.

walmart 75000 theft car black chevy

Loomis employees normally wear bulletproof vests — and they also usually drive Loomis armored trucks. This Walmart thief arrived and left the Walmart in a black Chevy — $75,000 richer — leaving Oklahoma residents amazed at his brazenness.

"So bold. Of all the nerve. This is a new one."

Next, the bold criminal received the $75,000 in cash and walked out of the Walmart carrying a black bag. From the Walmart security footage and photos, the fake Loomis armored guard thief can be seen wearing a black hat with the bill pulled down low. The man looks down in the photos, perhaps knowing that he doesn't want his face captured on security camera footage.

It wasn't until later than 11 a.m. that the actual Loomis armored truck guard arrived to collect the $75,000 deposit that the error and theft was understood. Due to the arrival of the fake Loomis guard approximately 22 minutes prior, the thief may have previously watched the real Loomis armored guard truck driver at the same Walmart and noted his or her timing and dress and noted the optimal time to arrive at the Walmart store to steal the $75,000 in cash.

The thief's plan to steal $75,000 in a brash and innovative way may have worked for now, given him plenty of leeway and $75,000 in cash to use to quickly get out of town. However, authorities on a national level are on the hunt for the $75,000 Walmart thief, and are asking folks to call 918-367-2251 if they know anything that might help their search.

As reported by the Inquisitr, another viral Walmart security footage video getting attention besides the $75,000 theft is one wherein Georgia teens went on a rampage in their local Walmart store.

[Image via Walmart]