Marco Rubio Makes “VP” Freudian Slip, Says He Wants To Run The NFL

Marco Rubio has repeatedly said he will not act as the Vice President running mate for Mitt Romney or any other Presidential candidate and while he confirmed that stance in an interview with the National Journal at the University of Phoenix this week he also had a freudian slip of Presidential proportions.

During his interview he said If in four to five years, if I do a good job as vice president—I’m sorry, as senator—I’ll have the chance to do all sorts of things.”

Thinking quickly about his comment he then turned the conversation towards sports:

“Including commissioner of the NFL, which is where the real power is.”

I’m sure NFL commissioner Roger Goodell wouldn’t be too happy if Marco Rubio made a power play for his position.

Kidding ahead when asked if he would turn down the vice president role should Mitt Romney offer it Marco Rubio responded:

Yes. But you know he’s not going to ask. That doesn’t work. He’s watching this interview right now.”

As far as who Mitt Romney will find to fill the vice presidential role we have no idea, however if he follows the wishes of a new CNN poll he would pick Condoleezza Rice and if she turned him down voters seem to agree that Rick Santorum would be the next best choice.

We all make freudian slips from time-to-time, of course our slips are usually a little smaller than running as second in control of the United States. Here’s Mark Rubio’s slip of the tongue caught on video: