Casey Anthony’s Lawyer Thanks ABC News, Says Network Paid For Winning Defense

Casey Anthony’s lawyer Jose Baez on Thursday publicly acknowledged that his team was only able to mount a successful defense because ABC news had paid Casey Anthony $200,000.

That large sum of money was paid to the Anthony family so ABC news could gain exclusive rights to photos of Casey and Caylee. According to Jose that money was then used “so we could mount a proper defense.

Speaking on PBS’ Frontline Baez says the case cost $275,000 to put together and without money from ABC News he doesn’t think his team would have been able to beat the murder rap.

Before, during and after the Casey Anthony trial came to an end critics voiced their concern over various networks offering obscene amounts of money to Casey. Critics argued that Casey should not be allowed to profit from the death of her daughter, even if she wasn’t in fact responsible for that death.

In the meantime ABC news has since changed its policy and is no longer licensing material in exchange for interviews.

Whether or not the extra money truly helped mount a legal victory for Casey Anthony we may never know, in the meantime there was absolutely no reason for Jose Baez to make the comment he made, on a scale of 1 to 10 on the sleazy lawyer scale I would score Baez an 11.

Do you think the money Casey Anthony received from ABC News made that much of a difference in her eventual “not-guilty” verdict or was the case dead in the water from the start?