Man Used Position As Voodoo Priest To Rape Several Women, Including An 11-Year-Old Girl

A self-proclaimed voodoo priest of Sunrise, Florida was taken into custody after being accused of raping an 11-year-old girl during a cleansing session in his back yard shed, according to Miami Herald.

Between 2009 and 2010, a young child – whose name has not been released to the public – told her mother that she needed to be cleansed of bad spirits. Granting her daughter’s wishes, she took her to a prominent voodoo priest, Brogenet Cinor, 48, at 2893 NW 73rd Avenue who she believed conducted successful work on several others in the past.

“They would chant, they were like chanting, like whatever chants they did and I would hear popping, you know like those little white things you throw on the ground and they go ‘pop’, it sounded like that,” said Cinor’s neighbors Garfield Spence.

“It was always grown people who went back there. People would come and go, I don’t know, he was running some kind of business, but it was people who would always be coming and going. If they were underage, they would be with someone.”

“It’s disturbing, I’m very surprised. I have lived here for three years and talk to the man all the time.”

While at his home, he instructed the mother to wait in front of the house while he led the child to the back of the shed to start the cleansing session. He then told the girl to strip naked then began raping her, restraining her arms so that she couldn’t move.

After the voodoo priest raped the girl, he gave her money and told her that if she told anyone what happened, she would die.

“He was using the victim’s belief in voodoo and curses and the fact that they believe that they could die if they did not follow his instructions,” Sunrise police spokesman Cindi McCue stated.

The girl told her mother what happened and in 2014 she notified Sunrise police who launched an investigation. They interviewed other clients who had been cleansed by the voodoo priest, and two women stated that he had sex with them as well as impregnated them.

He gave them money to terminate the pregnancy and told that them that if they told anyone, they would die.

The voodoo priest was arrested on June 19 and charged with sexual battery on child. He was not charged with having sex with the other two woman as police discovered it was consensual.

Cinor has since been released on bond.

“Our fear is that there may be many other victims who have not come forward, that we would like to be able to talk with, if there are other victims,” stated McCue.

[Image courtesy of Splencer Platt / Getty Images]