Raven Joy Campbell: Woman Found Dead Inside Apartment Wall [Video]

Raven Joy Campbell was found dead inside of an apartment’s wall in Lomita, California. Authorities say that other tenants complained about horrible smells, which led to Campbell’s discovery.

Raven’s body was found on Thursday, July 2, 2015, at the Harbor Hills Housing Project — at the 26000 block of Western Avenue. Authorities mention that Raven was reported missing on June 4, 2009.

NBC 4 Los Angeles reports that Campbell’s body is believed to have been inside the apartment’s wall for the last six years. While tenants complained, search dogs from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department used those odors to find Raven.

At first, Campbell’s identity wasn’t available. However, family members came to the scene after hearing about the discovery. Once there, they told authorities that they believe the body’s remains are those of the missing Raven Joy Campbell.

Her sister, Malaikah Manasseh, helped identify her.

“The body has to be hers, there’s no question.” She told CBS 2 Los Angeles.

“She always wore her purse across her chest no matter what she had on. Her purse was lying there. She would not go anywhere without her purse.”

Raven’s sister says that, years ago, they asked the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department to bring in the search dogs to find her body. However, they were unwilling to comply.

Yet, the news source said that the family members got a tip mentioning that Campbell’s body could be buried behind the wall of one of the apartments.

While she was missing for years, some tenants claim they’ve only noticed the scent during the last few weeks.

Also, according to NBC 4 Los Angeles, family members note that Raven Campbell was actually developmentally disabled, and she stayed at the residence with a high school friend.

Along with her body’s discovery, the family that was living in the apartment have been relocated during the investigation. Campbell was 31-years-old when she disappeared.

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