Visceral’s ‘Star Wars’ Game To Be Styled After ‘Uncharted’ Series

With all the hype surrounding Star Wars: Battlefront, it is easy to forget that Electronic Arts has two other games coming from the Star Wars universe. One of those is being developed by Dead Space studio Visceral Games, and voice actor Nolan North revealed just a tidbit about the title during a MetroCon 2015 panel.

Video of the panel was uploaded to YouTube last week, but began hitting gaming community centers such as NeoGAF Monday morning, before it was picked up by GameSpot. North had a casual question and answer session where he confirmed that former Uncharted Creative Director Amy Hennig was working on the new Star Wars title at Visceral Games.

Star Wars 1313

“If you’re a big fan of Amy Hennig and her style of story, the big thing about her is she’s gone to EA and is going to reboot a brand new Star Wars franchise in the style of Uncharted,” he said. “I happen to know a lot about it and it’s going to be awesome.”

When North was asked if Hennig’s project was a Star Wars 1313, he would only say that it’s not the same game, but it is along the same lines.

Star Wars 1313 was the bounty hunter adventure title that LucasArts was working on prior to LucasFilm being sold to Walt Disney. It was originally supposed to be unaffected by the deal and star Boba Fett, but it was eventually cancelled as LucasArts was effectively shuttered.

The trademark for Star Wars 1313 was abandoned in at the end of 2013, further confirming North’s assertion that the new title would not be the same game. However, there’s no reason why the same thematic approach couldn’t be worked in with Visceral Games’ approach to their Star Wars title. Bounty hunters fit right in with the collections of rogues from Uncharted.

Hennig is co-writing the script with fellow Uncharted alum Todd Stashwick. North did not confirm whether he would provide voice acting duties for their new Star Wars game or not.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens kicks off a rebirth of film franchise with even larger plans than before. Disney plans a yearly theatrical release with Star Wars: Rogue One planned for the end of 2016. It’s hard to say if Visceral Games efforts will tie into any of these efforts, but a Boba Fett film is heavily rumored to be in the works, as well.

For those that aren’t aware, BioWare Studios is the other Electronic Arts developer that will be making a Star Wars game. There’s been nothing from them yet, though.

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