Three Directors For The ‘Star Wars Anthology’ Boba Fett Movie

The worst kept secret in the Star Wars universe for the moment is the Boba Fett movie. It will most likely be the second movie under the title Star Wars Anthology. Josh Trank was scheduled to be the next director, but just after Star Wars Celebration in April, Trank announced he was no longer going to be at the helm. A few days ago, he explained to Rolling Stone his reason for the exit.

“I want to do something original after this because I’ve been living under public scrutiny, as you’ve seen, for the last four years of my life. And it’s not healthy for me right now in my life. I want to do something that’s below the radar.”

There has been speculation all over the internet that Trank’s actions on the set of the new Fantastic Four left Simon Kinberg, the producer of that film as well as the presumed Boba Fett movie, with a bad taste for the young Chronicle director. The Hollywood Reporter suggested that this led to Trank being dismissed. Regardless, this leaves Lucasfilm with a very important spot to fill, and here are three directors who could fill the role of a Bob Fett movie director.

Joseph Kosinski may be the long shot of the list. His schedule opened up last week when Disney opted not to pursue another Tron film. He had been attached as director. This leaves him with no movie in production. His name has been attached to several scripts, but directing a Star Wars movie would trump most anything. He has had modest success with sci-fi movies. He directed TRON: Legacy back in 2010 and Oblivion with Tom Cruise in 2013.

The first Star Wars Anthology movie is Rogue One. It was explained at Celebration this film would take Star Wars in a different direction. This would be a true war movie and not the space opera that we are accustomed to from the prequel and original trilogies. If this is going to be another characteristic of the anthology films, Gareth Evans would make a great Boba Fett movie.

Evans is best known for his action sequences in The Raid: Redemption and The Raid 2. Both of these movies have a real gritty feel to them that the “Galaxy Far, Far Away” has never pursued. Evans would most likely have to tone down the violence to get a PG-13 rating, but his style of movie could go a long way to flesh out the characterization of everyone’s favorite bounty hunter.

The last director is a stretch because of his schedule, but I can’t imagine anyone arguing against him. James Gunn took secondary Marvel characters and made them superstars in Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s easy to imagine his version of Boba Fett as a more brooding Star-Lord. He is currently scheduled to start production on Guardians of the Galaxy 2. This may disqualify him from the list.

Any one of these directors would be a great choice, but some may have been overlooked. Who do you think would be the ideal director for a Boba Fett movie?

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