Walt Disney World Has Already Stopped Selling Animal Poop Candy Due To Guest Complaints

Danny Cox

Less than two weeks ago, a brand new snack location called Zuri's Sweets Shop opened up in Disney's Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World. While it sold a number of common Disney treats, one of the most unique was that of animal poop candy. Well, it appeared as if enough guests weren't too thrilled at the tongue-in-cheek joke as Disney has already stopped selling it.

Yes, the shop just opened back on June 18 in the Harambe Market at Disney's Animal Kingdom, and it sold rice krispie treats, popcorn, animal shaped cookies, and much more. The incredibly unique treat was different candies shaped like the poop of an elephant, a hippo, a giraffe, or a tamarin.

The animal poop treats sold for $3.99 each and were mostly chocolate covered pretzels and such.

Well, not all guests visiting Walt Disney World seemed to take to the candy and were a bit disgusted by it. That led to a number of complaints being made, and this past Friday, the animal poop treats were a thing of the past.

— MickeyXtreme (@MickeyXtreme) June 27, 2015

There's been no word on if they are gone for good, but it certainly appears as if that is the case. The source states that it's possible they could make a limited time or "special" return in the future, but don't expect them to be back all the time.

While the animal poop candy did bring a lot of complaints, it also brought forth a lot of press. Time and a number of other national or world outlets covered the release of the candy and some thought it to be quite interesting.

Numerous complaints online have stemmed from "classless," to "trashy," to "disgusting," to "non-Disney." Many feel as if the candy poop was below Disney's standards and never should have been introduced in the first place.

As of now, the animal poop candy is no longer being sold at Disney's Animal Kingdom and may never be up for purchase again. Walt Disney World does listen to their guests and never wants to offend or disgust anyone, but the removal of animal candy poop is already drawing mixed reactions.

[Image via Kim and Carrie]