Note: Your Fellow Airplane Passenger Is Not a Urinal

Flying is often unpleasant these days, but when your lap becomes the lavatory, you know you’re really in trouble.

A man has just been sentenced to three weeks in jail for relieving himself on another passenger during a flight to Honolulu. The plane-peeing fellow, 28, apparently stood up, whipped it out, and just started going on the lady in the next seat. He was charged with assault.

The Continental flight was heading from L.A. to Honolulu when the in-flight urination occurred. The woman, 66, was watching a movie when the waterworks began. She says her vacation was ruined and she’s still suffering emotionally from the ordeal.

As for the guy, his only excuse was that he’d been drinking.

His name, by the way, is Jerome Kenneth Kingzio. If you ever find yourself sitting next to him on a plane, request a new seat immediately.