Who Killed Tiffany Sayre? New Shocking Details Revealed

The discovery of missing woman Tiffany Sayre is making headlines amid fears that a serial killer could be preying on women in the Chillicothe, Ohio, area. The Chillicothe Gazette reported earlier on Monday that the woman’s death has been deemed a homicide, but now there are more details coming to light in this tragic case. A cause of death has yet to be released, but according to some of the graphic details that have been revealed, this woman was a victim of something terrifying.

WBNS News 10 reports that Sayre’s body was discovered by a couple who were out walking along a creek bed in an area near Cave Road in Highland County — approximately one mile away from where the body of Tameka Lynch was discovered last year. A transcript of the 911 call has been obtained by the media, and it shares details about the discovery of Tiffany’s remains. During the 911 call, the caller describes the condition of Sayre’s body.

Dispatcher: “But you are certain there’s a female body wrapped in a blanket?”

Caller: “Yes, yes. She’s wrapped up in a blanket and you can see her breasts, her stomach, duct tape, a white blanket.”

The disturbing details indicate that Tiffany Sayre was bound either before or after her murder. However, as reported previously, no cause of death has been clarified by authorities in this case — not until an autopsy is completed.

Authorities have confirmed that Tiffany Sayre ran in the same circle of friends as two other missing women in the Chillicothe area. The disappearances of Wanda Lemons and Charlotte Trego remain unsolved, but the bodies of other women in the area have turned up in the area as well. The disappearances and deaths of these women — who all share friends and places in common — has led to fears that a serial killer is on the loose. In fact, there have been fears expressed that a serial killer is striking so frequently that the cool-off periods between disappearances are only spans of about six months at a time.

Is a serial killer preying on women in Chillicothe? The murder of Tiffany Sayre has quite possibly revived that already existent fear, but no details exist that confirm the possibility one way or the other. However, authorities in Chillicothe have long declared that there are connections between these disappearances and deaths.

If you know anything about the disappearance and death of Tiffany Sayre, please do not hesitate to contact the authorities in Chillicothe, Ohio. Similarly, authorities are welcoming any tips or information about the other disappearances and deaths in their jurisdiction.

[Photo: Tiffany Sayre via Facebook]