Mitt Romney Misleads Voters With Skewed Job Loss Report For Women

Mitt Romney wants women to know that under President Obama’s administration job losses have been directed at women 92.3% of the time. Essentially Romney’s argument is that women are being neglected under the Obama administration, an obvious attempt to alienate the President at a time when various survey’s have shown women abandoning the GOP en masse.

While on the surface Romney’s statistic is in fact correct, the way he phrased his attack and the blame he has placed on the Obama administration is quite frankly a joke for anyone who has paid attention to the jobs market over the last decade.

Anyone with the ability to look back 13 months before Obama took over office from President George W. Bush knows that the recession started at that time. When the recession first started the hardest hit industries were in the areas of construction and manufacturing, industries that are dominated by male workers.

Further CNN points out that women were starting to experience big losses in March 2008, well before Obama was inaugurated into office.

According to recent stats the jobless rate for women grew by 858,000 after January 2009 when President Obama was running the country, in comparison men’s jobs continued to be loss at a steady rate. In fact many economists have dubbed the recession the “man-cession” because the industries most hardest hit have led to 3.4 million jobs lost for men compared to just 1.8 million lost for women.

Romney has repeatedly attempted to be the master of convenient statistics and strange facts that don’t hold up under even the laziest of fact checking, perhaps he should stick to selling Dr. Pepper and 7-Up and leave the economy to his accountants.