Rape Victim Turns Tables On Attacker, Makes Sure He’ll Never Do It Again

An alleged rape victim in Lagos, Nigeria, turned the tables on the man that witnesses say attacked her.

While some accounts identify the man as her “boyfriend,” this one from Pulse.ng identifies him more as an acquaintance who wanted to have sex with the unidentified female. When she refused, he went ahead and had sex with her anyway, the reports claim. This was not a decision she was going to allow to go down without recourse.

And that recourse consisted of biting off the head of the man’s penis.

There are photos here and here, but they are not for the easily squeamish.

Here’s how one witness described the scene to Pulse.ng.

“The guy went to his friend’s place with his babe. A few hours later, the girl came out screaming rape, rape, rape. Later, the guy came out too screaming help, help, help.

“The girl’s clothes had been torn and she had blood on them and then she was given a cloth to cover herself. But when the guy came out with blood on his body, everyone was shocked and that’s when we knew the girl bit off his penis and this was done with her teeth.

“The guy was taken to the hospital but when they got to the hospital, they realized that the other part was no longer there. They had to come back home to look for the remaining part, but by then it was dead. Though they stitched it, he’s still in the hospital.”

In other words, what the man lost, he lost forever at the hands of the alleged rape victim. Those hoping to find sympathy for the man — despite the whole “innocent until proven guilty” thing — aren’t going to find it on social media.

Facebook was downright giddy at the news.

“Good lesson for him… I love what the girl did to him… I guess no means no… If he did it he deserved to loose [sic] his head… I believe if you rape someone, you deserve to die.”

Those were just some of the comments that we were able to pick up on in a couple of minutes of looking.

What do you think about the snap decision that the alleged rape victim made to disable her alleged attacker? Do you think the U.S. should start incorporating something similar if an attacker is found guilty? Sound off in the comments section.

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