'Demonic' Macaulay Culkin Is The Latest Bad Twitter Joke After The Charleston Shooting

A "demonic" Macaulay Culkin has begun haunting Twitter now that the identify of the Charleston church shooting has been confirmed by the FBI. After seeing photos of Dylann Storm Roof, many are taking bad jokes to a whole new level.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, authorities have caught the Charleston shooting suspect, and even his own uncle has described him as a "monster." While many assume the church shooting was a hate crime, witnesses claim Roof said he needed to carry out the attack due to black rapists and African Americans supposedly taking over the country.

Now, Macaulay Culkin does enjoy a bad joke to a certain extent. After all, his band, Pizza Underground, was started for the purpose of telling a joke in musical form.

"Either they get the joke or they don't get the joke," Culkin admitted while explaining the history of Pizza Underground. "We just did two little open-mic things in New York last November and then recorded about eight minutes of (video) stuff in my living room and put it up on the Internet and totally forgot about it for about a month. We were just messing around, you know? Next thing I know, the Internet got its hands on it and it became a 'thing.' "

Unfortunately, once the internet got hold of the Dylann Storm Roof photos, they made this particular bad joke a "thing" all over Twitter to the point that Culkin's name was trending.

While the Macaulay Culkin jokes are bad, others have even begun to mock Dylann Storm Roof's name, due to the middle and last names.Not everyone was pleased by this development, with some calling out the Twitterverse for turning this dark story even darker.What do you think, Macaulay Culkin fans?