Controversial Photographer Slammed For Taking Pics Of Naked Woman Outside China’s Sacred Heritage Sites

A controversial photographer nicknamed the Wanimal has triggered howls of protest after snapping a series of lewd shots of naked ladies flaunting their assets all over China’s sacred heritage sites.

Wanimal, or Wang Dong as he’s known by his mum and dad, gave the naked women plenty of exposure in every sense when he took pictures of the young models posing provocatively in Beijing’s Forbiden City, the former Imperial Palace and location of the famous Palace Museum.

The women are pictured sitting astride ancient relics without a stitch of clothing, in all their god given glory.

Pictures of naked ladies dressed up as art is nothing new, but with Wanimal’s racy pics coming so soon after the very public controversy caused by brassy Brit Eleanor Hawkins and her friends – who decided to pose naked on Malaysia’s highest peak – the photographer has been accused of not so much crimes against art but a cynical exploitation of a growing trend to get naked in famous places and share it with the world.

Of course, when Eleanor Hawkins and the rest of the named and shamed tourists got all loose and free on Mount Kinabalu, a UNESCO World Heritage site, they were accused of angering tribal spirits and causing an earthquake which killed 18 people.


To date, Wanimal has not been blamed for any natural disasters, but thousands of art critics have taken to social media and accused the controversial photographer of going too far in the name of art and being disrespectful to the ancient traditions.

The Daily Express reports that the Wanimal remains unrepentant and has since hit back, saying that his art did not disturb anyone or cause any earthquakes, and besides which no-one was present when the naked ladies were idly wandering around China’s sacred heritage sites.

“I was just getting on with my work and did not affect anyone else.”

[Photo by Chris Jackson / Getty Images]