Raven Campbell: Teen Mom Allegedly Killed Two-Year-Old By Putting Him Under A Mattress — Authorities Had Two Chances To Prevent It

Teen mom Raven Campbell of Memphis, Tennessee, has been charged with murdering her two-year-old son Jermyle. Jermyle was rushed to Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital. At first, neighbors of Campbell thought that the child suffered from overheating because the house Campbell and her son were staying in did not have a working air conditioner. After the hospital questioned the boy’s condition and authorities got involved, the disturbing truth was revealed.

It is not known exactly what caused Campbell to do the horrifying act. Her mother, Jacqueline Campbell, questioned the teen mom, but she did not get any further with her than the authorities did.

She really isn’t talking to anybody but me right now and her spirit is just coming and goes but she really don’t understand right now what’s really going on.

The only thing known at the moment is enough to make any human’s stomach turn. Raven Campbell admits, according to a Fox News report, to placing Jermyle under the mattress as punishment for 20 to 30 minutes. She admits this was also not the first time she had done it. Authorities found bite marks and scratches on Jermyle’s small body. Raven admits to being responsible for those as well.

The saddest part of all of this is that this could have and should have all been prevented. Authorities failed on a number of occasions to remove Jermyle from this dangerous situation. The list of incidents makes you wonder how the system managed to fail this young child.


A follow-up report from News 3 found the following information about Raven Campbell. Any one of these should have removed Jermyle from the home. Memphis police have been called to the home of Raven Campbell 39 times in the past two years. There were 12 domestic disturbance calls. There were three crime scene calls, and there were two wounding calls. The fire department had also responded to the address as well.

As late as the fall of 2014, court records indicated that family members feared for Jermyle. A year ago, Jacqueline Campbell had been given temporary custody of the boy. Raven was only allowed supervised visits. After two months, the case was dismissed, and Jermyle went back to his mother.

This is the second case of a teenager abusing their children that the Inquisitr reported on in the past few weeks. At what point does there need to be something done to prevent these needless acts of violence against children who cannot protect themselves? Raven Campbell was not responsible enough to raise a child. How young is too young to have a baby?