What Will The World Look Like In 2025? Strategic Forecasting Predictions Revealed

What will the world look like in 2025? The Strategic Forecasting firm, or Stratfor, just released its Decade Forecast report filled with global predictions. The Stratfor report focuses on both the economy and global political forecasts which could occur over the next 1o years.

The Strategic Forecasting Decade Forecast report predicts that the world will be a “more dangerous place” in 2025. The power of the United States will decrease on the global stage, according to the Stratfor predictions.

An excerpt from the Decade Forecast report has more information.

“We see the U.S.-jihadist war subsiding. This does not mean that Islamist militancy will be eliminated. Attempts at attacks will continue, and some will succeed. However, the two major wars in the region will have dramatically subsided if not concluded by 2020. We also see the Iranian situation having been brought under control. Whether this will be by military action and isolation of Iran or by a political arrangement with the current or a successor regime is unclear but irrelevant to the broader geopolitical issue. Iran will be contained, as it simply does not have the underlying power to be a major player in the region beyond its immediate horizons.”

What the world will look like in 2025 predictions from the Strategic Forecasting report include a prediction that Russia will collapse.

“There will not be an uprising against Moscow, but Moscow’s withering ability to support and control the Russian Federation will leave a vacuum. What will exist in this vacuum will be the individual fragments of the Russian Federation. We expect Moscow’s authority to weaken substantially, leading to the formal and informal fragmentation of Russia” the report states, adding that ” It is unlikely that the Russian Federation will survive in its current form.”

The “breakout” of Russia’s nuclear weapons stockpile is predicted to be “the greatest crisis of the next decade,” according to the report. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Vladimir Putin recently announced Russia believes it could be in the midst of a “new arms race” with the United States and NATO and is beefing up its nuclear arsenal and its military forces.

“The US will have to figure out what to do about it, [Russia nuclear weapons] even if it means dispatching ground troops to secure loose weapons, materials, and delivery systems,” the Strategic Forecasting report adds.

The European Union will not be able to fix its free trade zone issue, according to the Decade Forecast report.


“Germany has created a productive capability that vastly outstrips its ability to consume, even if the domestic economy were stimulated. It depends on these exports to maintain economic growth, full employment and social stability,” Strategic Forecasting predicts.

Regulations and pricing of the euro are “designed to facilitate this export dependency,” the report also maintains. “This has been the core problem from the beginning, but it has now reached an extreme point. What benefits one part of Europe harms another.”

China may have a difficult decade ahead as economic growth slows, the report also predicts. Poland will emerge as a powerful nation, tensions and chaos will remain in the Middle East, and Europe will be split into four parts, if the Stratfor predictions for 2025 are accurate.

What do you think about the 2025 predictions in the Decade Forecast report?

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