Gigi Hadid’s Cat Gains Thousands Of Instagram Followers

Gigi Hadid is becoming an ever popular celebrity in and around Hollywood. That fact isn’t really much of a surprise, considering that Gigi Hadid is hanging with celebrities like Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift. What might be a bit of a surprise when it comes to the model and aspiring actress is that Gigi Hadid’s cat is also becoming quite the celebrity.

This was best underlined when Gigi Hadid’s cat took to Instagram and almost immediately gained more than 15,000 followers. The cat, named Cleo, is a tabby that was rescued last week. Just a few days ago, the model gave the world the first peek at Cleo and the world decided that they wanted to see more, as much as possible, as a matter of fact. Gigi Hadid let everyone know that the Instagram account, @therealcleohadid, was up and live, and it’s pretty clear that people were wanting to get a good look at the rescued animal.

It’s pretty obvious that one of the reasons that people are looking up and following Cleo is because they also get to see Gigi Hadid and how she hangs with her newfound pet. There are a number of different pictures of Gigi Hadid as she reads her tablet or is just spending time with her new kitty. Luckily, it doesn’t appear as if this Instagram is going to be one where the cat is talking to the world. Gigi Hadid is just using this as another place fans of her work can get a look into her personal life.

Another part of the interest in this Instagram account has to be that Cleo is playing a rather large part in her personal life. The model actually took the cat with her when she went on a double date with Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift. While there has been some question as to whether or not this was a double date, there is no question that the cat is becoming a bigger part of the celeb’s life.

Taylor Swift is apparently one of the tens of thousands of followers of Cleo. She also took to Twitter to announce how much she loved the announcement of the new kitten. She also posted a picture of another friend, Kendall Jenner, holding a puppy. Swift said that she couldn’t handle the cuteness. It appears that Gigi Hadid can’t handle the cuteness either — to the point where she wants to share it with the world.

[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images for Refinery29]