Kaitlyn Bristowe On Nick Viall: ‘My Heart Told Me To Give Nick A Chance’

Kaitlyn Bristowe was shocked when she was chosen as The Bachelorette over Britt Nilsson earlier this summer, but many people are not a big fan of her. Kaitlyn does have an open and testy personality, and she has no problem sending the guys home when they say the wrong thing. So when Nick Viall showed up to see if he had a shot at becoming her husband, Bristowe was open to the idea.

Prior to coming on the show, Kaitlyn Bristowe supposedly texted with Viall, meaning they had a past. It may have been brief, but many believe that Viall may just be looking for his two seconds of fame. But Bristowe has no problem defending her decision to keep him around.

According to a new PEOPLE report, Kaitlyn Bristowe is now explaining that she wanted to keep Viall around because she wanted to see if there was a spark. She is one of the first Bachelorette stars to keep a person who enters weeks into the show.

“Enter Nick. Talk about uncomfortable. He just walked right into the lion’s den, and I could feel the tension through the TV. It was actually pretty tough for me to watch because I really saw with my own eyes how much the guys cared,” Kaitlyn Bristowe reveals, adding, “I just had to follow my heart, and my heart told me to give Nick a chance.”

Many former contestants have often sent people home out of respect for the other contestants. Bringing someone into the group after weeks of dating seems to be unfair to many, but Kaitlyn wanted to give Viall a chance. She is there to find a husband, and this isn’t a popularity contest for her. And that’s why Bristowe was confident in her decision to keep him around.

“Nick had nothing to do with that choice; my decision would have still been the same regardless of Nick’s arrival. Those three guys who went home are great guys, but I knew they were not the right fit for me. And I’m sure they know I wasn’t right for them either. It really does go both ways,” Kaitlyn Bristowe reveals about her decision to send some guys home over Nick.

And it sounds like Viall is very surprised that Kaitlyn kept him around. And despite watching the NFL finals last night, he did take the time to comment on the rose ceremony. And Kaitlyn Bristowe was scared to even watch the episode.

But it sounds like things may not work out for Kaitlyn Bristowe. He has been rumored to date Chris Soules’ ex Whitney Bischoff, as they were both hanging out in Chicago, according to the Inquisitr.

Do you think it was right for Kaitlyn Bristowe to keep him around?

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