Are Nick Viall and Whitney Bischoff Dating? Is Kaitlyn Bristowe Out Of The Picture?

The current rumor is that Nick Viall and Whitney Bischoff are dating, and that they started dating only days after the break was announced between Bischoff and former fiancé Chris Soules. A source said that the pair got pretty cozy at Chicago’s Soho House private club. The source, who noted that the chemistry between Nick and Whitney was undeniable, said the following, according to OK Magazine.

“Nick and a small group of friends arrived at 7:30–and then Whitney joined them 15 minutes later. The other friends moved off to let Nick and Whitney have some space together at their table. They were leaning into each other, chatting and laughing. Whitney’s high-pitched laugh was hard to miss. She also made a point of lovingly stroking Nick’s knee while they talked….[The source said that they] stayed that way for about two and a half hours before leaving together.”

If Bischoff and Viall are dating, it raises many questions. Was Viall dating Bischoff behind Kaitlyn Bristowe’s back? Does this mean that Viall was kicked off the show? Was Bischoff seeing Nick while she was still with Chris Soules? If so, was it a possible reason why they split?

These questions are something to ponder, according to The Hollywood Gossip. Nick seemed so interested in getting to know Caitlynn better. Kaitlynn and Nick acknowledged that they had some feelings for each other, and it was known that they flirted via social media even before Kaitlynn welcomed him into her pseudo male harem.

A source that dished about Viall and Bischoff noted that they were all over each other when seen. But Whitney made at least a feeble attempt not to be visible by pulling a baseball cap down over her forehead.

What do you think this means? Is it just two friends getting together or are Nick and Whitney really dating? Do you think either cheated on Kaitlynn or Chris Soules? Do you think that Whitney and Nick make a good couple? Please leave your comments below.

Of course, runner-up Nick’s bachelorette Andi Dorfman still makes it clear that she doesn’t have the highest opinion of him. The former Bachelorette made that clear when she posted some tweets in response to what she was seeing on the latest episode of The Bachelorette.

As Monday night’s episode aired, Andi, who was watching the show while waiting for her plane in an airport, made clear that she doesn’t think Nick is pursuing Kaitlyn Bristowe for the right reasons. In fact, Andi pretty much accused Nick of acting, according to an article in the Inquisitr.

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