Tewana Sullivan: 23-Year Prison Sentences Handed Down To Sullivan, Convicted Of Murder By Slow Cooker

Tewana Sullivan

Tewana Sullivan was sentenced to 23 years behind bars after being convicted of murdering her friend using a slow cooker. According to the Canada Journal, Sullivan was in court on Monday. Last month, the 51-year-old pleaded guilty/insanity in the murder of Cheryl Livy, 66, back in October, 2014. The report indicates that Sullivan received the minimum sentence, as she could have spent up to 50 years in prison for her actions.

At the time of the crime, Sullivan was said to be drunk. She and Livy got into an argument over the 2016 Presidential campaign, and things got heated. Sullivan had been “off her meds” for “several days” prior to the fight.

“I got into an argument with her. I tried to leave but she wouldn’t let me leave. We were hitting each other … I was a little bit harder at hitting her than she was at hitting me. I hit her with a Crock-Pot … in her head and all over,” Sullivan told Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Michael Hathaway.

Tewana Sullivan is unhappy with her sentencing. According to the Detroit Free Press, Sullivan believes that she will die in jail, and said that she “might as well be executed.” While she may have a chance to live the rest of her life as a free woman once she’s released from prison, Sullivan doesn’t think she will get that far.

“You might as well go ahead and execute me, because I’m not going to make it to 73. I’m going to die in jail, as far as I’m concerned.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Sullivan has shown a lot of remorse for her actions, especially when police arrived on the scene last fall.

“I’m sorry. I did it. I’m sorry,” she reportedly told police.

Sullivan was originally charged with first degree murder (assault with the intent to kill), which carried a life sentence.

“I didn’t take my medication like I was supposed to, so I did mess up. Without me taking my medication, that was the worst thing I could ever have done,” she said at an early hearing.

Her charges were then lessened, and she was able to get away with a much lighter sentence. While many criminals would be pleased with news of this nature, Sullivan is devastated — she was crying in court yesterday.

It seems as though everyone is ready to move forward at this point, even Livy’s sister, who says that she has forgiven Sullivan.

“I’m forgiving her for what she has done. I don’t know what else to say,” said Livy’s sister, Ann McDonald.

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