Slow Cooker Murder: Woman Who Killed Friend Using Slow Cooker Gets 23-Year Prison Sentence

Tewana Sullivan, a 51-year-old Detroit woman who in a fit of rage killed her friend with a slow cooker, has been sentenced to at least 23 years in prison, a KOMO News report confirmed. The incident that led to the sentencing dates back to October 2014. According to an Inquisitr news report published back then, the victim, 66-year-old Cheryl Livy, was in her apartment with Sullivan when the duo had an argument over the 2016 presidential race. In the heat of the argument, Tewana, who was inebriated at the time, beat Cheryl using a slow cooker.

When police arrived on the scene, Cheryl was found lying on the floor with the cord of the slow cooker wrapped around her neck. There was blood all over the walls of the apartment. Tewana was also in the apartment and was seen sitting next to Livy crying. The slow cooker, too, was lying nearby, an MLive report said.

“I’m sorry. I did it. I’m sorry,” she reportedly told the police officers who reached the scene.

Livy was rushed to hospital where she spent two days in intensive care before succumbing to her injuries. Following Livy’s death, Tewana was charged with first-degree murder for allegedly killing Livy using a slow cooker.

Tewana’s trial began in February 2015 and her initial charges of “assault with intent to kill” was changed to first-degree murder, which carries a life-sentence without the possibility of a parole.

In the court, Tewana told Wayne County Judge Michael Hathaway that she had “messed up” on the day of the murder and confessed to the killing of her friend using a slow cooker. In May, she had also pleaded guilty, but mentally ill, to second-degree murder.

“I didn’t take my medication like I was supposed to, so I did mess up. Without me taking my medication, that was the worst thing I could ever have done.”

According to Defense attorney John McWilliams, her blood-alcohol level at the time of the slow cooker murder was 0.41, which is five times the level for drunken driving in Michigan.

Describing the argument that led to the death of Cheryl, McWilliams made a statement.

“One was for one major political party and the other was for the other major political party.”

Following the sentencing, she was told that her eligibility for parole would be after 23 years from now, and she must undergo mental health treatment while in prison.

[Image Via KOMO News]

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