Ramona Singer Asks Kristen Taekman If She’s ‘Dumb’ On ‘RHONY’ [VIDEO]

Ramona Singer and Kristen Taekman are “at war” during Season 7 of The Real Housewives of New York City. In a June 15 sneak peek, via Radar Online, Taekman is seen frustrated with Bethenny Frankel regarding a scheduling conflict with her kids.

After Taekman confronts Frankel with her issues, Ramona Singer is left horrified, and after noticing Frankel was upset about her divorce during her conversation with Taekman, Singer has some harsh words for Taekman.

“I don’t think it was very nice [with] everything that Bethenny is going through, you kind of came out with a shotgun with it. You attacked her. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out she’s going through a nasty divorce. I mean, are you that dumb?!”

As fans are aware, Frankel has been locked in a bitter divorce with Jason Hoppy since the couple split over two years ago, and the ordeal has forced her to split time with her young daughter, Bryn. Throughout the season, Frankel has been known to get emotional in regard to her limited time with Bryn, and understandably so.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Taekman weighed in on Singer’s allegations in her latest Bravo blog. Speaking to fans, Taekman accused Ramona of causing drama amongst her and the other women of the cast.

“[Ramona] is such a s**t stirrer! So I was dumb for telling Dorinda to her face as opposed to talking behind her back? HELLO! The dance started off as fun and silly, and it quickly shifted to my being uncomfortable, and I excused myself. That’s that. Ramona is constantly in the middle of it all. She starts it and passes it off to everyone else. Makes me nuts!”

Also in the blog, Taekman discussed Dorinda Medley’s highly emotional reaction to the chatter about her boyfriend, which involved claims of Taekman allegedly dancing in an inappropriate manner.

“WOW! She is clearly very sensitive to the whole John topic. Very defensive. I had no idea of the history behind this topic before this particular day in the Berkshires. John is sort of known for his inappropriateness? UGH…. So, Dorinda goes off on me, and I am IN SHOCK! I had no idea that she had this in her.”

As fans are aware, Ramona Singer has been close with Medley for years, and was reportedly the one who brought her aboard The Real Housewives of New York City‘s Season 7 cast.

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